Park presentation

Wave pool, wellness pool, children's pool

The Aquapark at Lake Balaton is like a huge snake crawling around from above!
When we get closer we can see sttractive slides and warmed-up pools!
Choose one as you please and according to how brave you are!
Try the huge wave pool! A sea-like experience is waiting for you!

8 pools - Wave, wellness outdoor, wellness indoor, wellness children, children's pool, children's wave pool, lazy river, small pool for children.

Water depth of the pools: 0-2,2 m; children's splashers 0-0,3 m; children's pools, slow river 0-0,4 m; reception pools 1-1,2 m; wellness 1-2 m; wave pool 0-2,2 m

The total water surface of the pools is approx. 2400 m². The water of the pools are heated, the slide-end pools are usually around 25°C, the children's pools and the pools of the wellness area are usually around 32°C.

If the weather is not suitable for bathing, we provid an indoor heated wellness pool.

We are closed

As autumn has arrived, Annagora closed its doors for this year. Thank you for this...