Park presentation

Wave pool, wellness pool, children's pool

The Aquapark at Lake Balaton is like a huge snake crawling around from above!
When we get closer we can see sttractive slides and warmed-up pools!
Choose one as you please and according to how brave you are!
Try the huge wave pool! A sea-like experience is waiting for you!

8 pools - Wave, wellness outdoor, wellness indoor, wellness children, children's pool, children's wave pool, lazy river, small pool for children.

Water depth of the pools: 0-2,2 m; children's splashers 0-0,3 m; children's pools, slow river 0-0,4 m; reception pools 1-1,2 m; wellness 1-2 m; wave pool 0-2,2 m

The total water surface of the pools is approx. 2400 m². The water of the pools are heated, the slide-end pools are usually around 25°C, the children's pools and the pools of the wellness area are usually around 32°C.

If the weather is not suitable for bathing, we provid an indoor heated wellness pool.