Annagora Aquapark

Experience our spa and waterslide park, and the second largest wave pool in Hungary, have an icy drink, see the beautiful panorama of the Balaton! This is all only 500 m from the lake – just have perfect summer moments that are awaiting you at Balatonfüred, in the Annagora Aquapark!

Thousands of exciting moments and adventures for small children and adults, for families and for YOU!

Heated outdoor and indoor pools, children's pools, 12 giant slides and 3 children's slides are waiting for you besides other entertaining facilities when it is raining or windy – all summer.
Bring your friends, parents and grandparents, too!

The small children's slides can be used by small children, the big slides are for the young and the adults.
Besides the pools and slides there are saunas, steam cabins, aroma chambers and an ice cave to help you relax. In the centre of the water park there's the children's pool, with many exciting elements waiting to be tried.

Enjoy the wave pool's pleasant feeling reminding you of the sea. There is a separate wave pool for small children too!

There are restaurants and shops making sure the holiday spent at Lake Balaton will remain unforgettable at Annagora Aquapark!

The wellness area will also provide special moments for everybody. From the attractive slides and almost every point of the water park, there is a great panorama of Lake Balaton!

Some very important and useful information about the park

The capacity of park is around 2500-3500 people, the wellness area has a capacity for 100 - 150 people at a time. The park covers 3,5 hectares and there is an adjoining parking area of 4 hectares.

The locker rooms have 1829 lockers and 34 changing cabins. For handicapped people there are a separate changing rooms, bathrooms and toilets.

It is very important for us that the slide park is increasing the touristic value of the Balaton region in such a way that it does not burden the lake directly. We hope this is also important for you! The system is operated from the national water grid, the waters of the Aquapark can't get mixed with the soil waters. Let's preserve the Lake together!

Annagora aquapark Rules and Regulations

1. Any access to the facilities of Annagora Aquapark (hereinafter the Park) shall be subject to these Rules and Regulations. Upon purchase of the admission ticket the Customers of the Park acknowledgethe dispositions herein as applicable valid and binding. The managers and employees or the park reserve the right to refuss the admission of any Costumr who fails to agree to comply or effectively fails to comply with the dispositions herein and in justified cases, such Customer may also be removed from the Park.

2. The opening hours of the Park are as follows: Juni –August 31 st daily from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM At night pursuant to separate notice September 1 st – may 31 st. pursuant to separatenotice

3. The entrance fees and the various service fees are displayed at the ticket windows. Upon purchase of the admission wristwatch and an acknowleledgement of receipt, to be preserved until departure. Customers may require that an invoice be issued to them at the ticket window . The ticket windows will close one hour before the closing time of the Park.

4. Costumers will be admittes to the Park and avail themselves of the services on a first come basis, with the exception of previously announced groups, holders of season tickets, pre-purchased tickets and VIP cards, and the contractual partners of the Park.

5. Customers are permitted to enter the Park and avail themselves of the services only in possession of a non-refundable and non-transferable admissin wristwatch. Which is valid only during the day of purchase and authorizes the holder to enter the Park only once.

6. The decoder devices positioned at the entrance gates. Check the admission wristwatches and thereafter they permit entrance to the Park.

7. The wristwatches are coded so to authorize the holder to enter the Park only once. Customers are required to wear the wristwarch on their arm for the entire duration of their visit at the Park. The absence of the wristwatchthe symbol of authorized stay within the area of the Park shall result int he removal of the Customer from the Park.

8. Upon exit from the Park. Customers are required to put their wristwatch into one of the decoder devices. The value of any lost wristwatches shall be reimbursed by the respective Customer.

9. We gently require that our Customers leave the Park as soon as possible after closing. The slides, experiences, before a closing hour quarter we cut it off with a clock.

10. The management of the Park assumes any liability for the valuables left at the safe deposit and the management declines any liability whatsoever for any damages arising out of the loss of any valuables left unattended within the Park. In respect of the left objects left int he lockers available free of charge, the managment will not be deemed to accept such object for safe custody , consequently the management declinesany liability whatsoever inrespect of the contents of such lockers. Safe deposits are availableagainst payment of a deposit fee, to bereimbursed upon returning the respective key.

11. The slides the Park was damaged for swimsiuts during the usage of experiences his directorate does not vouche a responsibility.

12. The loudspeaker announcement system of the Park is operated in order to communicate news, advertisements, massages, announcement of public interest and notices. The announcement service is available to the Customers in accordance with the conditions displayed at the information desk.

13. The management of the park is authorized to modifí the operating hours of the Park in justified cases. Under exceptional meteorological conditions (lightning, storm, strong wind, etc) the management may temporarily suspendthe use of the slides and pools for sefety reasons. Any changes shall be communicated to the Customers by notice displayed at the ticket windows and/or by announcement through the loudspeaker announcement system. In such cases the management of the park shall not beliable for any liquidation of damages to the Customers. Int he event of any reduced availabilty of the services due to technical causes, the management reserves the right to evaluate at their discretion wheate to reduce the applicable fees.

14. Customers are permitted to avail themselves of the Park and the respective services strictly at their own risk. The slides shall be used strictly inaccordance with the respective pictograms (signs)displayed. Customers are requested to consult the personnel in charge of the slide int he event of any symbols. We gently require our Customers to use the facilities with particular attention and care.

15. Customers are gently requested to manage the equipment, fittings and leased objects of the Park with care. All leased objects shall be returned on time and without being damaged. Int he event of any wilful or negligent damages the managment of the Park will request direct liquidation of the respective damages from the Customer or submit a claim for damages against such invidual.

16. Admission to the Park will be denied from any inviduals suffering from fever, any contagious disease and/or skin infection, any inviduals suffering from open wounds, and any inviduals under the influence of illegal drugs or narcotic medicines: furthermore such inviduals shall not be permitted to stay within the area of the Park. The employees of the Park are authoorized to refuse to provide any services to such inviduals.

17. Customers suffering from any visual and/or hearing disability are permitted to use the slides if hearing disability are permitted to use the slides if permanently accompanied by a responsible adult.

18. children under 14 are permitted to stay in the area of the park only if permanently accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult. Such children are permitted to use the facilities of the Park at the risk and responsibility of such accompanyig parent or adult, with particzular regard to the use of the slides and pools.

19. The adults in charge of infant groups shall be liable forthe life, health and property of the members of the group and their compliance with the dispositions set out int he Rules and Regulations of the Park.

20. The lifeguard/pool master shall be liable or the safeguarding of the pool, the hygienic/clean condition of the water and the sorrounding areas furthermore the promt availability of life saving devices and first aid kits. The lifeguard/pool master shall call a psyhician/ambulance even if a rescue procedure has been apparently concluded without any disturbance and the rescued invidual feels well.

21. Int he Park it is forbidden to play any games and/or display nay bahaviour that may endanger the physical safety of any Customr and/or cause disturbance to any Customer desirous to swim or relax.

22. Customers are requested to use the indicated pathways and stairs within the Park. Such pathways and stairs are to be used with particular attention, in order to prevent any injury (e.g. slipping, falling, bruises etc.). It is stricli forbidden to lean or climb over rails, enter any resticted areas not available for customers, and/or use any inoperative devices and/or slides.

23. The Customers may freely use landscape areas for relaxation and sunbathing.

24. Customers are requested to use the facilities of the Park for their intended purpose. Customers are requested to use facilities in a physical condition that fails to endanger human health and permits the safe use of such facilities.

25. Inflatables and rafts shall be used on the appointed slides only. Customers are required to use the inlatables and rafts provided by the Park. No other objects are permitted on the slides.

26. Customers are required to comply with any and all request and instructions issued by the lifeguards, the employees surveying the slides, the security guards and any other personnel of the Park.

27. Customers who cannot swim are not permitted to use the swimming pools and the indicated slides. Bearers of prostheses and any inviduals suffering from spinal and/or cervical injuries are not permitted to use the slides.

28. In the pools it is forbidden to consume any victuals, use any detegents or pollute the water in any manner. It is forbidden to use the pools and slides if covered with sand and/or suntan oil. Customers are compulsorily reqiured to use the showers and footbath prior to entering the pools and using the slides.

29. It is forbidden to jump into pools.

30. It is forbidden to enter the water in physically overheated condition.

31. Int he area of the Parkit is forbidden to consume illagal drugs, leave any waste, make fire, enter with any vehicles and/or animal and/or any objects that may cause any accident, use any firecrackers and/or any objects that may cause panic, and display any behaviour that may violate the public order and/or public morals.

32. During opening hours a first aid service is available in the area of the Park. Any injuries and/or indisposition shall be promptly communicated to any directly available employee of the Park.

33. Smoking is permitted only in the open air areas and at the designated areas within the buildings. It is stricly forbidden to drop any burning cigarette butts int he litterbins or elsewhere. Please leave the butts in the containers designated for the purpose.

34. Please drop any litter and waste in the litterbins designated for the purpose.

35. Upon purchase of the entrance ticket Customers authorize the managment of the Park to freely use any photographs and/or video recording made within the Park from time to time, in order to advertise for and promote the services of the Park.

36. The employees in charge of the varous services and operation within the Park (the director and the vice directors, the lifeguards/poolmasters and the security parsonell) shall be deemed public official and shall be subject to special legal protection due to such official by law.

37. Customers are authorized to make any oral or written observations relative to the provision of the services, the quality of such services and/or the behaviour of the service providers. The Customers book of complaints is available at the information des. The management of the Park shall investigate into any and all complaints, observations and/or seggestions in accordance with the applicable rules and take the appropiate measures accordingly. The management of the Park sall answer in writing to any complainants who provide their respective address.

38. The management of the Park is not required to consider any complaints and occasional claims for damages that arise out of any violation of these Rules and Regulations.

The Rules and Regulations of the Park are issued in order the safeguard the security, health and physical integrity of our Customers.
We wish our gentle Customers leisure and pleasant stay.

Balatonfüred, June 2006.
Masped Annagora Kft.